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  1. Problem: Twiddler is non-responsive
    Solution 1: Slide Power Switch on front of Twiddler to the Right.
    Solution 2: Battery is too low. Plug Twiddler into USB and charge the battery. LED will be red while charging, green when complete. - Problem: Twiddler's LED is a dim red when plugged into USB and goes bright red when buttons are pressed.
    Solution 3: Internal Battery has been dislodged. Return for repair.


  1. Problem: Bluetooth connection keeps resetting.
    Solution: Battery level too low. Plug into USB until LED turns Green.

  2. Problem: Bluetooth performance low.
    Solution: RF performance is not guaranteed due to the variability of RF interference in each user's environment. Also, the performance of Bluetooth radios and antennas of host systems are also variable. If you are noticing a degradation of the Bluetooth performance try the following:
    * Charge the battery of the Twiddler.
    * Move to a known “clean” RF environment and see if that solves the issue.
    * Try an external Bluetooth module if your host has an internal Bluetooth Module.
    * Get closer to the Host's Bluetooth Radio.

  3. Problem: You can see the Twiddler in the Bluetooth Neighborhood but will not pair.
    Solution: Reset Twiddler's Bluetooth pair table by typing N+S R000. You will need to re-pair the Twiddler with any other device you have paired with in the past.

USB Drive

  1. Problem: USB Drive does not mount.
    Solution 1 : Make sure the Twiddler3 power switch is in the ON position. The LED can be ON when the switch is OFF but there will be no data connection to the host computer.
    Solution 2 : Replace the USB cable. Most of the time, it is a cable issue. Either data or power is not flowing through the cable and is causing the error. If plugged in and the LED is on, it just means power is flowing. It could be the data lines have been compromised.
    Solution 3 : Try a new USB Port that is known to work. Some systems have locked down USB ports or ports that are broken so plugging in to them will not work. Also, by changing ports, the OS will go through the enumeration process for the Twiddler USB Drive again and reload the driver.
    Solution 4 : Try a new computer. Sometimes it is a computer issue. Security settings set too high, Anti-virus getting in the way, or a hardware malfunction, trying a new computer may help to confirm the issue.
Last modified: 2017/11/13 12:27

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