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Reserved Chords

There are a few reserved chords in the Twiddler3. They are used to perform some testing and debugging as well as feature enhancements.

Chord Action
N+S 0000 Hold during power up. Runs factory boot code (x.xxb) so that firmware can be updated
N+S R000 Reset the Bluetooth Pairing
N+S 0R00 Print the Firmware Version
N+S 00R0 Toggle Test Mode. Prints a test message every 8 seconds
N+S 000R Program Flash memory from twiddler.hex
N+S M000 Load factory Default Chord map until next power cycle
N+S 0M00 Print Battery Status (Range: vcc=96=3.7v (100% charge), vcc=114=2.8v (0% charge))(Bluetooth connection only)
N+S 00M0 Toggle untethered-recording mode (v0.12+ firmware)
N+S 000M Print recorded data (v0.12+ firmware)
Last modified: 2020/01/09 08:11

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