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The Fabric Strap

There have been many upgrades to the Twiddler over time. If you have the Twiddler Wrap, click here.

There is a soft fabric strap that extends from a slot in the side of the Twiddler's case and attaches to a Velcro pad on the bottom. This strap goes around the back of your hand and holds the Twiddler in position for typing or pointing. When you receive your Twiddler, decide which hand you would like to use the Twiddler and slide the strap into the groove on that side. Be careful! The fit may be snug. If it is, grasp the strap as close to the Twiddler as possible and gently, but firmly, slide the strap into the groove. Holding on further down the strap and pulling may cause the strap to tear.

Most users select their non-dominant hand, leaving their dominant hand free to do other tasks. Select the hand that feels most comfortable for you.


The Dots

There are two 1cm Velcro dots included in the accessory box. They are intended for strap management. The single sided dot can be stuck to the side of the Twiddler opposite to the hand you are using. eg: Left hand usage, place dot on right hand side of the Twiddler. tgimages.s3.amazonaws.com_twiddler_wiki_1dotopen.jpg

This allows you to fold the strap upwards and keep it out of the way.


The double sided dot can be stuck to the end of the strap so that it can be folded back upon itself to keep it out of the way.
tgimages.s3.amazonaws.com_twiddler_wiki_2dotopen.jpg tgimages.s3.amazonaws.com_twiddler_wiki_2dotclosed.jpg

How to hold the Twiddler

How you hold the Twiddler is a matter of personal taste. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and shapes. The following guidelines may help you find a comfortable position:

In general, the strap goes around the back part of your hand, between your knuckles and wrist, and attaches to the Velcro fastener on the bottom of the case. Do not make the strap too tight. You should adjust the strap so your fingers fall naturally and easily over the center column of keys (the keys with the small guide-bumps on them).


You will notice that your thumb is resting on the top inside corner of the Twiddler. When the strap is adjusted correctly, it is loose enough so that your hand can be removed and re-inserted without detaching the strap from the Velcro. Rotating the Twiddler toward or away from your palm adjusts the angle of operation to accommodate longer or shorter fingers; and the angle of the strap on the bottom of the Twiddler can also be adjusted for your comfort. In fact, one way to find a comfortable position is to remove the strap from the bottom, set the Twiddler's angle, and then re-attach the strap to the Velcro pad. The Velcro on the bottom helps to hold the desired angle of the Twiddler.

Step by Step Left Hand Setup

  • Place the Twiddler in your left hand with the Strap attached at the top and open at the bottom.


  • Grip the Twiddler between your thumb and index finger lightly. Your thumb should NOT be at the top of the Twiddler, by the Joystick now, but underneath the top ridge supporting the Twiddler. Your thumb and index finger should make an “O” shape, if they are curled, with the Twiddler inside.


  • With the thumb and index finger of your RIGHT hand, grasp the bottom of the Twiddler. You are going to use this hand to fine tune the rotation of the Twiddler.


  • Back to your LEFT hand: place all 4 fingers on the ABCD column. Adjust the rotation of the Twiddler with your right hand to where these 4 fingers feel comfortable.


  • Without moving the Twiddler, check if pressing the keys on the remaining columns feel comfortable. If not, adjust accordingly by slightly rotating the Twiddler with your RIGHT hand giving comfort precedence to the ABCD row.


  • Once you have the rotation set, grab the strap and attach it to the Velcro at the bottom to lock it into place. How tight you make it is up to personal preference. Most people prefer a medium fit, not to tight and not to loose. One where you can easily slip your hand in and out of the Twiddler without adjusting the strap.


  • Once you have the Twiddler in place, try your thumb now on the top of the unit now. It should be in a good place to use the Mouse and press the buttons.


You can comfortably rest your thumb on the inside corner of the Twiddler, in a relaxed position.


You don't need to grip the Twiddler. By resting the thumb on the inside corner, and applying gentle inward pressure, you will keep the Twiddler steady and reach the keys more easily.

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