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Twiddler Typing Tutor

The Twiddler Typing Tutor is designed to rapidly increase your typing speed and proficiency with the Twiddler.

You will see two keyboards on screen: The Twiddler3 and the standard 101 US keyboard. The 101 keyboard is shown as a familiar reference. Above the 101 Keyboard you will see a row of white letters on a black background. These are the letters you need to type.

There will be a green circle around the chord you need to press in order to type that letter. The green circle on the 101 keyboard helps create a mental mapping of the Twiddler chord and the key on a keyboard.

Technical Considerations

Tutor saves all statistical information in a local “cookie” on your device. Cookies must be enabled in your browser settings for this data to be saved and retrieved. If you have cookies enabled but cleared out after your browser closes, this will also wipe out any historical Tutor data. To get around this, just add [*.] as an exception to your cookie rule.

Starting Off

We recommend using the standard lesson's keyset. It is fine tuned to automatically generate pseudo-English words focusing on a limited keyset (E,A,I,N,T,O and R). As you become more proficient with this keyset, the Twiddler Typing Tutor will automatically start expanding the keyset. This continues until you have mastered the entire alphabet.


The Twiddler Typing Tutor automatically captures statistics about your typing. There are a few stats shown on the main page. They are updated after you complete every “sentence”. More in-depth statistics are shown on the Profile Page. You can get there by clicking on the Profile Button at the top right of the page.

Profile Page

The Profile Page is a detailed listing of all the historical statistics of your typing.

The first and most important stat is Total Time. The longer you practice, the better you are going to get. Each sentence should take under 30 seconds to type. Throughout the day, come back to the Twiddler Typing Tutor and type out 10 sentences. 5 minutes a day adds up and you can see your progress.

Total Samples indicates how many times you have used the Twiddler Typing Tutor. The more samples you have, the more accurate the statistics.

Top Speed (wpm) is the maximum speed the Typing Tutor has recorded you type over your entire history of using the program in Words Per Minute (wpm).

Average Speed (wpm) is the Average typing speed of all your sessions.

Average Speed Today (wpm) is the Average typing speed of the present days sessions.

Player's Learning Progress Overview Chart shows your learning progress overview for all keys. The color code goes from dark to light red then from light to dark green - slowest (dark red) to fastest (dark green)

Player's Learning Detailed Progress Chart shows the learning progress for every individual key.Click on one of the letters to show it's detailed graph below.

Player's Typing Score and Speed Chart shows your overall typing score and speed changes over time.

Player's Proficiency Histogram shows average typing speed for each individual key.

Keyboard Key Frequencies Histogram shows relative key frequencies. Hit (green), Miss (red) and Miss/Hit (purple) are shown in the bar graph. The Miss/Hit ratio shows the relative miss frequency for that key.

Keyboard Key Frequencies Heat Map shows relative key frequencies as a heat map shown on a 101 keyboard.

Player's Practicing Calendar shows dates of active learning. The more you do, the better you get!

Settings Page

The Setting Page lets you fine tune the Twiddler Typing Tutor's parameters. Most people do not need to modify any of these prarameters. If you really want to challenge yourself here are a few things you can change:

Learning Mode Tab

If you are finding the first lessons quite easy you can adjust the lesson complexity slider a bit more to the right. The further right you go, the higher the level of complexity of the phrases.

If you are finding the sentences too short to get in a “groove”, slide the lesson length slider to the right.

If you want to practice with Capital Letters, check off the Enable Capital letters box.

If you want to practice punctuation, click off the Enable punctuation characters box.

Keyboard Layout Tab

You can change this to reflect the keyboard layout you are used to.


Here you can change how you measure speed. You can select Words Per Minute or Characters per minute.

You can also enable sounds here. They are off by default but some people find the audible feedback quite helpful.

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