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The Keyboard

The Twiddler keyboard is designed to do all the work of a standard computer keyboard plus a lot more. With only nineteen keys, the Twiddler accomplishes this by chording.

On a piano keyboard you can play a single note by striking one key or play a chord by playing a number of keys at the same time. The Twiddler works in a similar way. You can type a character or command with a single key or with a combination of keys called a chord. Using various single keystrokes, or chords, you can type all the letters, characters, symbols and commands found on a standard keyboard. In fact, the Twiddler actually offers you over a thousand different programmable chords. And, since most of these key combinations are not preset at the factory, you can customize your Twiddler by making your own assignments to these chords. You can even override factory-preset key/chord/character assignments through the Twiddler Tuner application located at:

The Mouse

The Twiddler Mouse is an 8 way pointer. Up, Down, Left, Right and the bisections of each direction are used to move the mouse pointer on screen. To move the pointer in a certain direction, just push the stick in the corresponding direction. Depending on your mouse sensitivity setting, there may be a slight delay, <0.5ms, between when you first push the stick and when the mouse moves. The delay eliminates any unintended mouse movements when you are using it in a mobile or wearable application where you may inadvertently tap the mouse. To reduce the delay, increase the sensitivity settings in Tuner.

Using The Twiddler Mouse is a little different than using a regular mouse in that you have to zig zag a bit to get to your desired location.
This type of pointer movement has been shown to be more efficient in a mobile environment by eliminating over-shoot and circling and delivering the pointer to its desired target quicker.

If you are interested in the technical specifications of the Twiddler Mouse click here

Mouse clicks are accomplised two ways. There are 3 buttons on the front face of the Twiddler placed just above the keyboard keys. They are mapped as Right, Middle and Left Click and operate just as they do on a standrad mouse. You can also click the pointer for a left or right click. Which click the pointer makes is set in Twiddler Tuner.

Last modified: 2020/11/26 07:10

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