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Config Files Listing Page

Once you log in you will be brought to the Config Files Listing Page. There are two listing areas here:

My Config Files
New Config File

My Config Files

When you create or import config files they will be listed in this section.

Each config file should have a descriptive name so that you can know, at a glance, what the configuration file represents. If you would like to change the name, just click directly on the name. The field will turn white and you can type a new name for it. Just click out of the field, so it turns black, to save the new name.

File Actions

There are 3 icons to the right of the file name. Clicking on one of them allows you to perform an action on the config file:

Edit your config

Download your config to your computer or Twiddler

Delete your config

Click on the Edit Icon beside the new config file you just created to Edit Your Config.

New Config Files

This is the section where you can create new config files for your Twiddler. There is a pull down menu with three types of actions you can perform to create a config file:

  • Default (Start with a factory default config)
  • Upload My File (upload a file that you have received from someone else)
  • Empty file (there are no chord assignments)

Once you have selected an action click on the Create File button.

You will see a new entry appear in the My Config Files area above. Your new file will be prefixed the action you selected and then a time stamp. Click on the button to Edit your config.

Last modified: 2017/10/03 12:36

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