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Upgrading Firmware

Here are the steps to upgrade your firmware:

Preparing for the Upgrade

  1. Plug into USB.
  2. Identify which firmware you are running by pressing N+S 0R00.
  3. Download and unzip the latest firmware here: Twiddler Firmware
  4. Plug the Twiddler into a computer via USB, mount the flash drive, and copy the Twiddler_0.XXu.hex file to it.
  5. Rename the .hex file to twiddler.hex.
  6. Eject the flash drive using the OS's Eject function. It is critical that the .hex file is fully written to the drive so gracefully ejecting the drive is critical. If data is being written to flash and power is cut, there is a high risk of flash corruption which will render your Twiddler non-functional.
  7. Power off the Twiddler.
  8. Disconnect USB from Twiddler.

Begin the Upgrade

  1. Make sure the Twiddler is unplugged from USB and remains unplugged in during the entire procedure.
  2. Hold down N+S and power on the Twiddler. This will load the factory boot image. To verify this, type N+S 0R00. “Version x.xxb” should be typed out. (x.xx are numbers)
  3. To start the upgrade procedure type N+S 000R.
  4. The LED on the Twiddler will blink Green during the upgrade. Do not plug in or turn off the Twiddler during this time.
  5. Upon completion, The Twiddler will “reboot” and the LED will remain a solid color.
  6. Plug the Twiddler back into USB or connect via Bluetooth.
  7. Press N+S 0R00 to check to see if the new version has been installed correctly. It should type out “Version x.xx*u*” where x.xx is the version number of the firmware you downloaded.

Complete the Upgrade

If everything looks good, head off to Twiddler Tuner and edit, save and download your twiddler.cfg file(s) to activate the new features found in the updated firmware.

Remember to delete twiddler.hex off of the Twiddler's flash drive.


Problem: Firmware did not upgrade.
Solution 1: Delete Twiddler.hex from the Twiddler's Flash Drive and restart the procedure from “Preparing for the Upgrade”.
Solution 2: Remember to rename the .hex file on the Twiddler3 to twiddler.hex before starting the upgrade procedure. See step 5 in “Preparing for the Upgrade” above.

Problem: Bluetooth is not re-pairing immediately after the upgrade.
Solution: Remove Twiddler Bluetooth pairing entry on host device and also reset the pairing table on the Twiddler with N+S R000. Rescan Bluetooth devices with host and pair with Twiddler.

Last modified: 2018/03/15 10:41

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