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The Data Logger

Untethered Re-Cording mode was introduced in Version 12 of the Twiddler Firmware. In this mode, the Twiddler can run headless and will record every keystroke to an on board data file. When you connect the Twiddler to a host device, you can re-play all the keystrokes to have them automatically entered into your program of choice. There are utilities available, like Trout for Linux, that will directly read and parse the datafile from the command line.

To enter untethered mode, just type N+S 00M0. Everything typed from this point forward will be logged to a file on the Twiddler's Flash Disk.

To retrieve the data, just connect the Twiddler to a host, open a word processor or other text entry program and type N+S 000M. The Twiddler will then begin to stream the contents of the datafile to your host as a stream of HID codes.

Last modified: 2017/08/03 08:15

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