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The Flash Disk

There is ~2MB of non-volatile file storage available on the Twiddler3. It is accessible only when the Twiddler is connected to your computer via USB. It should mount as a FAT formatted Removable Hard Drive. The Twiddler.cfg file is stored on the root of this drive.

File Limitation

You can store multiple twiddler.cfg files on the flash disk but they need to be located in a sub-directory. FAT has a very small limit to the number of files that can be located in the root of the drive. Adding more than the limit to the root will display a write error.

Formatting the Flash Disk

There are times that you may wish to reformat the Twiddler's flash disk. This procedure is safe and will not affect the firmware on the Twiddler. Just remember to backup the data on the drive as formatting it will wipe it clean.

The drive must be FAT Formatted.

Last modified: 2015/05/27 10:06

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