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Introducing the Twiddler

Your tiny keyboard-to-go

The Twiddler is a one-handed keyboard and mouse that lets you type faster wherever you go.

“I’ve been using the Twiddler since the original came out in 1992. It’s the fastest mobile typing device we have tested at Georgia Tech, and unlike many other devices, you can use it without looking.”

-Thad Starner
Associate Professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech

We spent several months working with Google Glass to redesign the Twiddler to make it better than ever. It’s now one of the smallest, lightest, fastest and easiest keyboards around.

The world’s most mobile keyboard

Light. Mobile. Versatile. The Twiddler is so comfortable to hold and easy to use, you’ll almost forget it’s there.

The contoured, sleek modern design doesn’t just look good, it was built for the human hand, putting all the functions of keyboard and mouse within the normal range of motion of your fingers and thumb.

The Twiddler was designed by San Francisco’s Kicker Studio, a world-renowned collective of designers, researchers, scientists and artists that specialize in NUI, or “Natural User Interface.”

Technology plays such an integral role in our day to day routine. Our mobile devices, laptops and computers have become increasingly personal and customizable and we wanted to give the Twiddler that same feel.

-Jody Medich,
CEO, Founder & Designer: Kicker Studio

Chord and Customize

Give it your personal touch

You can program and change the keys to suit your needs. You can even set it to store blocks of text that can be typed with a single chord making dreaded data entry as easy as can be.

With a little practice, average users can type 30-60 wpm. The handy customization features allows you to key in anything up to 260 wpm.

We designed a highly intuitive and compelling digital interface. It makes the Twiddler both simple and sophisticated.

Twiddle in Any Language

The Twiddler is so easy to program, that you can use it to type in any language. Customize your Twiddler here, or upload one of the pre-programmed UIs already there.

Designed for the Human Hand

Where traditional keyboards force our hands, wrists and fingers into unnatural positions, the Twiddler was designed for maximum comfort. The Twiddler’s compact size allows you to rest your hands where you like.

The compact design minimizes hand movement and strain on the wrists, while promoting the use of finger movement. This is ideal for people with low range of motion in their hands. Studies have found many people suffering from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome find the Twiddler much easier to use than traditional keyboards.

The Twiddler Is For Wearables

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A Wearable’s Wingman

We’re at the start of a wearable revolution. As smartwatches, glasses and bracelets become more popular, how we interact with those devices becomes increasingly important.

When Google released the Glass last year, it had one eye on the Twiddler and asked us to refine and redesign it as a wireless device. They came with a list of specs that needed to be introduced to the Twiddler’s UI and the Twiddler 3 was born.

The Twiddler lets you type and navigate faster on your mobile phone, tablet, or wearable without the hindrance of a bulky traditional keyboard. Perfect when you’re away from the office or on your morning commute, the Twiddler can increase your productivity like never before.

Google Glass

Google identified the Twiddler as a potential partner device for Google Glass so we redesigned it specifically with that in mind. It’s easy to see why. The Twiddler makes it easy to enter data wirelessly without having to tap the temple of your Glass or use awkward voice commands in public. Google is constantly updating the Glass OS and we expect a future update will allow the devices to be paired.

Smartphones and Tablets

The Internet is full of “autocorrect” memes for a reason. The Twiddler gives you a lightweight portable keyboard wherever you need it.


Samsung Gear and the Apple Watch are expected to lead a wave of new smartwatches. Bring them to life with the Twiddler.

… and everything else

Are we forgetting anything? The Twiddler was made with the Internet of Everything in mind.

How to Use the Twiddler

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Striking a Chord

The Twiddler’s one–handed keyboard offers rapid mobile text entry on any device with Bluetooth. Using chords of keystrokes, it does all the work of a standard computer keyboard with only 16 keys.

On a piano you can play a single note by striking one key or you can play a chord by striking a number of keys at once. The Twiddler works in a similar way.

Using a combination of single keystrokes and chords, you can type all the letters, characters, symbols and commands found on a standard keyboard. The Twiddler offers you more than 1,000 programmable chords in multiple languages. You can even customize your Twiddler by creating chords.

Twiddler Tuner
Typing Tutor

The Twiddler Typing Tutor

As fast as a quick brown fox…

The Typing Tutor allows the user to learn the 16 key system of the Twiddler incredibly quickly, making dreaded data entry easy to accomplish. You can change the keys to suit your needs and store blocks of text that can be typed with a single chord. With basic chording codes the average person can type up to 30 wpm, however the fully customizable keyboard can allow the user to key in anything up to 260 wpm.

There are twelve keys on the front of the Twiddler arranged in three columns and four rows. Each of your fingers is assigned to a specific row of three keys across. The Twiddler generates characters by the release rather than the initial press of a key so you do not have to worry about whether you have pressed all the keys in a chord at exactly the same instant.



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Media Kit

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