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Twiddler Firmware

Click here for detailed upgrade instructions.

All Twiddlers come factory installed with a firmware version ending in “b”, for “Base”, e.g. 0.07b.
All in-field upgrade firmware is designated with a “u”, for “Upgrade”, suffix instead, e.g. 0.09u.
Only changes in the numbers of a firmware name indicate differences in the firmware, so 0.09b and 0.09u are functionally the same. Upgrading from 0.07 to 0.09 will show a firmware version of 0.09u afterwards to indicate that you have upgraded from 0.07b.

Firmware Version Date Notes
Firmware 0.07u2015-03-15- First Production Release
Firmware 0.09u2015-05-22- Added ability to disable Bluetooth Radio
- Configurable Sleep Time Out
- Mouse speed configuration
- Sticky Keys
- Clear modifier keys before link reset
Firmware 0.12u2016-09-28 - Requires new v5 Config Format
- add ability to send modifiers (e.g. GUI key) without a keycode
- mouse buttons can be mapped to send key stroke(s) (e.g. GUI key)
- improved chord look-up performance
- add untethered recording and playback
Firmware 0.13u2016-12-14 - Requires new v5 Config Format
- Fixed bug for chords >60 characters long when in Bluetooth mode
Firmware 0.14u2017-03-16 - Requires new v5 Config Format
- Fixed bug for arithmetic overflow on number of multi-character strings >=64
- Only update if you need 64 or more chords that type multiple characters per chord
Firmware 0.15u2017-05-10 - Requires new v5 Config Format
- Added support for Direct Key Mode
Firmware 0.17u2018-02-27 - Requires new v5 Config Format
- Added support for Haptic Feedback *if installed*
- Minor bug fixes
Firmware 0.17-1u2023-02-07 - Requires new v5 Config Format
- Fixed Factory Default Config issue
- Upgrades 0.17u as well
- Only update if you use the factory default config
Last modified: 2023/02/07 11:08

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