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The Twiddler3 is a fully functional keyboard, mouse, and nano-capacity USB storage device. It operates in both a wired and wireless mode. In the wired mode, the Twiddler3 is attached to a device via a USB cable. The USB cable supports both communications from device to Twiddler3 as well as charging the Twiddler3. In the wireless mode, both keyboard and mouse commands are sent to the device through Bluetooth (Class 2, BT 2.1 + EDR).

The Twiddler3 is also a chordic device. You use the Twiddler with one hand and press key chords to generate keystrokes. Key Chords are like playing chords on a piano. From the factory, each chord is mapped to a particular key on a standard keyboard. Pressing a certain key combination will cause the Twiddler to send that key to the device. The key assignments are marked on the Twiddler.

All chords are remappable and customizable and can be more than one character long. While one key chord could send out an “a” another key chord could be mapped to type out your email address. With proper mapping of common prefixes, words, phrases and suffixes a substantial increase in typing speed can be realized.

Mouse pointing functions are done through the 8 way Nav Stick. Pressing down on the Nav Stick will create a left mouse click event. New on the Twiddler3 are the 3 front facing mouse buttons. Left, middle and right clicks are accomplished by clicking the respective mouse key.

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