The Twiddler is a one-handed keyboard and mouse that lets you type faster wherever you go.

Meet The Twiddler

The Twiddler is a truly personal wireless mouse and keyboard that goes with you just about anywhere. Imagine! A pocket-sized, wireless accessory with more features than a desktop keyboard.


The Twiddler is a wireless, pocket-sized mouse pointer plus a full-function keyboard in a single unit that fits comfortably in either right or left hand. The Twiddler can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or connected to a USB port on any computer. Combining major innovations in pointer and keyboard technology, the Twiddler is designed to bring renewed enjoyment to current computer users and to attract newcomers to the world of wearable computing.

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Twiddler top view
Use it wirelessly over Bluetooth with your mobile, tablet or computer.
Rest your hands where you like, since they don't need to be together on your keyboard.
Change the keys to suit your tastes, and store blocks of text that can be typed with a single chord.
Type Forever
Months of typing, over a year of standby time, and can be used and charged over USB.

The Twiddler's mouse pointer is the NavStick. The NavSitck is a multifunction mouse controller: Moving the stick makes it act as a mouse, moving your pointer on screen. Push to click, or use the top three finger keys in the front for left/middle/right click.


The Twiddler incorporates a keyboard which is radically unique - an ergonomic keypad designed for "chord" keying. This means you press one or more keys at a time. With 12 finger keys and 4 thumb keys, the Twiddler can emulate with ease the 101 keys on a standard keyboard... plus many more.

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